The adult Shar-pei is quite different from that cute, wrinkly puppy image that many people seem to have of the breed. He is a medium sized, powerfully built dog with an aloof and stubborn nature. They are also very intelligent and can become quite dominant if not given firm, but gentle training from puppyhood. Shar-Pei are fastidiously clean and are not generally destructive. They love being included in family activities, though are not demanding and are usually content to 'supervise' goings on from the sofa! Although they are instinctively protective of their family, they will accept household visitors, though will not necessarily greet them with enthusiasm.

Before you rush out and buy a puppy, we would recommend that you visit at least three breeders before making your final choice. Talking to those who know and love the breed will help you decide if this is the right breed for you.