Revised March 2003

1. Declaration

a) I shall co-operate and participate with the Shar-Pei Club of Great Britain and share aid and information with those interested in the breed, and encourage and exhibit sportsmanlike conduct in all competitions.

b) I will, at all times, maintain a high standard of care and health for the Shar-Pei, and will not deliberately libel or slander another person or make derogatory comments on another's stock.

2. Breeding

a) I will only breed from those dogs and bitches believed to be free from serious hereditary defects, and which are temperamentally sound.

b) I will keep accurate records of breedings, sales and registrations. I will at all times be extremely cautious when advertising or selling as to a true and realistic description of stock, especially as to potential prospects of young stock.

c) I will breed from healthy, mature dogs and bitches, consciously planning each litter. A bitch will not be mated before 18 months of age, or her third season, whichever comes later.

d) I will leave an interval of 12 months between litters.

e) I will not mate a bitch after her eighth birthday.

f) I will not mate a Shar-Pei to any other breed, or to an unregistered dog.

g) I will not provide the services of a stud dogs knowing that the conditions of the Code of Ethics would be breached.

h) I understand that a stud dog owner should satisfy themselves as to the suitability of a bitches breeding, and the conditions under which the litter would be reared.

3. Sale of Shar-Pei

a) I will attempt to help buyers and be available to answer questions and provide assistance.

b) I will only sell puppies which are, to the best of my knowledge, in good health and exhibit good temperament, and are at least seven weeks old; and will provide the pedigree at the time of sale, a satisfactory diet sheet, complete with health record, and details of worming.

c) I will inform purchasers if a puppy has been "tacked", and provide information and advice on this procedure,

d) I shall not knowingly sell Shar-Pei to commercial wholesale dealers, retailers or Laboratories, nor allow my stock to become raffle or competition prizes and shall exercise every possible care as to the suitability of my Shar-Pei's future homes.

e) I shall, at the time of sale, provide a signed sales receipt, and Kennel Club registration for each puppy sold; and at least a 3 generation pedigree. If registration is to be withheld it must be by mutual agreement in writing.

f) I understand that the club encourages the use of the Kennel Club endorsement scheme for pet stock, which if used must be noted on the sales contract and/or sales recipt.

g) I will remember that my prime concern as a breeder is to produce healthy, sound stock that will be a credit to the breed. I will be honest in all dealings with buyers and fellow breeders, and will endeavour to co-operate towards a programme of improvements for the breed.

h) I understand that when a puppy (or puppies) is taken in lieu of a stud fee, or as part of a breeding terms agreement, a written agreement should be exchanged by both parties at the time of mating. I understand that the vendor is fully responsible for the condition of the puppy (or puppies) at the time of sale, and that their puppy (or puppies) should not be sold unseen if possible.

i) I understand that breeding terms must not be used as a means of foisting stock on to those persons unable to afford the price of a puppy, and such agreements should only be used to place bitches in homes where their welfare and furtherance of the breed have been fully investigated. A legal breeding terms contract should then be drawn up.

4. General

a) I understand that any member aiding and abetting any other member to breach the Code of Ethics will be held equally responsible with the offender.

b) I understand and accept that if, in the opinion of th committee, I commit a serious breach of the code of ethics I shall be subject to censure and possible action by the Shar-Pei Club of Great Britain under rule 6ii).