There are many misconceptions about shar-pei and their health. Shar-Pei need no more special treatment than most breeds - in fact, they need less than some! Like all animals (including people), dogs are prone to certain hereditary diseases. It would be untrue to say that Shar-Pei are any different in this respect.

Most breeders are well aware of the specific problems and have spent many years dedicated to imporving the health of their stock. This selective breeding has helped to dramatically reduce the incidence of skin and eye problems and increase the overall health of the Shar-Pei. However, it is still advisable to acquaint yourself with the potential health problems of the breed. They can be prone to allergies, skin problems, entropion (rolling in of the eyelids), hypothyroidism, hip displaysia, ear infections and FSF. Please don't be alarmed by this list as it would be very unfortunate if your dog suffered from any of them, let alone all of them! Ear, skin and allergy problems are usually easy to keep under control or eradicate with the correct care. Discussing the problem with your dog's breeder and finding a shar-pei friendly vet are also a great help in the event of your dog developing health problems.

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