The 2004 Championship Show held on 14th November 2004
Judge Mr Vince Rodger


Best In Show ~ Kolnago Coming Up Roses
Best Puppy In Show ~ Kolnago American Beauty for Pullupa
Best Veteran In Show ~ Ch Thundermoon's Woodland Glory

Best Dog
Ch Pullupaa Caughtu Lookin
Res Best Dog
Drakkars Red Alert
Best Puppy Dog
Pullupaa American Idol
Best Bitch
Kolnago Coming Up Roses
Res Best Bitch
Pullupa Whatu Lookin At
Best Puppy Bitch
Kolnago American Beauty for Pullupa
Minor Puppy Dog
1st - Kolnago Man on a Mission
2nd - Japendo Taylor'd to Perfection
3rd - Tianshans Vanilla Sky
4th - Starferry Jambo Bwana
Minor Puppy Bitch
1st -Kolnago American Beauty for Pullupa
2nd - Bellicose Head Turner
3rd - Starferry Malaika
4th - KV's Pretty Little Angel Eyes at Dayat
VHC - Topenyo Ticket
Puppy Dog
1st - Tianshan Wacky Willow
2nd - Chifido All Flash No Cash
3rd - Quinfo Yan
4th - Starferry Jambo Bwano
VHC - Wait and See
Puppy Bitch
1st - Bellicose Head Turner
2nd - Chifido Winter Collection
3rd - Starferry Malaika
4th - Shundi Ice Landik Princess
Junior Dog
1st - Chadsons Spirit of Freedom at Sharming
2nd - Musholong Angelic Diablo
3rd - Quinfo Yan
4th - Chuanfa The Quiet man
VHC - Glapwell Star Chaser
Junior Bitch
1st - Jacksharmann Miss Dior
2nd - Tianshan Attention Seeker
3rd - Quinhalo Dizzi Lizzi
4th - Headholme Campari
VHC - Jacksharmann Welsh Princez
Novice Dog
1st - Dayat Just A Booty Call
2nd - Jentiki Waffles
3rd - Glapwell Star Chaser
4th - Wait and See
Novice Bitch
1st - Pullupaa Ready To Run
2nd - Chequerpei Makin Magik
3rd - Jacksharmann Welsh Princez
Post Graduate Dog
1st - Drakkars Red Alert
2nd - Tianshan Hey Big Spender by Zolanijo
3rd - Starferry Scotch On The Rox
4th - Quinfo Yan
Post Graduate Bitch
1st - Jacksharmann Miss Dior
2nd - Chequerpei Making Magik
3rd - Kaitak Stormy Weather For Annatoie
4th - Starferry Simply Nina
Jacksharmann Welsh Princez
Limit Dog
1st - Kaitak In The Line Of Fire
2nd - Chequerpei The Sorcerer
3rd - Skyota Naughty Bizness
4th - Musholong New Wind Blowing by Takalok
VHC - Samsara Asta La Vista Baby
Limit Bitch
1st -Musholong Angelic Aqualon to Japendo
2nd - Headholme Maid Quinsy
3rd - Mijuju Puff of Smoke
4th - Qinrose In The Red
VHC - Witchgait Wishful Thinking
Open Dog
1st - Ch Pullupa Caughtu Lookin
2nd - Ch Drakkars Calvin Klein
3rd - Am Ir Ch Rumples Just Lock N Load Japendo
4th - Am Ch P'Lou's Designer Genes at Skyota [imp]
Open Bitch
1st - Kolnago Coming Up Roses
2nd - Pullupa Whatu Lookinat
3rd - Panrico Moonshine
Veteran Dog
1st - Ch Isolas How Bazaar How Bazaar
2nd - Ch Kyushu Nuttin To Say
3rd - Ch Par For The Course at Panrico
Veteran Bitch
1st - Ch Thundermoon's Woodland Glory