Homes Wanted!

If you live in the UK and are willing to take in a rescue Shar-Pei,
we could be looking for you.

From time to time we need very special people to take in homeless Shar-Pei.


These are dogs that may require a lot of TLC. They may have special needs, or might be from a broken home, or of been left behind when their owners have passed away, or they could simply be old. Sometimes they may have been cruelly treated or abandoned and ended up in a shelter, so are not always easy to get along with until you gain their trust. Sometimes they may have been passed from pillar to post having had several homes in a short space of time - so they need a stable, loving, lasting home. But with time and effort the rewards can be very worthwhile.

Also we need home checkers in all areas - we need people who can check prospective adopters homes and assess dogs requiring homes.

If you think that you can help with either of the above, please contact :-
Mr Vince Rodger on 0191 438 4505
or E-mail by clicking HERE

Our first Shar-Pei was a rescue dog,
found wandering the street's of London,
ending up in Battersea Dogs Home....

...Now we have twelve shar-pei!!!!!!!!!!

Mick and Cath Cooper (Confucian)